The Social Media Manifesto Review

It is safe to say that social media marketing isn’t a term lost within the ‘Business and Marketing’ corner of Waterstones. The relatively new sector has rapidly grown to reach paramount importance, despite it remaining foreign territory for many business owners. Jed Hallam went where no ‘Guide for Dummies’ had gone before in his book, The Social Media Manifesto, by exploring the application of social technology across wider business functions, and its role within the whole business.


Social media has become a key part of modern lifestyle. But in the world of PR, it has become the biggest audience influence, thus changing the way in which businesses operate forever. The Social Media Manifesto is a easy-to-read, how-to guide on evolving to a truly successful social business; with practical advice and real ‘learn from their mistakes’ case studies. Whilst the book may be directed for leaders of all organisations who strive to accomplish constant progression and innovation, it is just as much as a PR practitioner handbook on what you should be able to bring to every board room. From contextualising big data to crisis communication, Hallam leaves no stone unturned with his comprehensive list of departments that need a social helping hand, introducing sustainability to businesses in this increasingly competitive age.

Throughout the book, we develop a deeper understanding into the profound impact the Internet has had on the public, and individuals dependancy on social technology. As Hallam puts it himself, ‘everyone with access to the Internet can have a voice, and if their voice is compelling or interesting enough, people will listen.’ He argues that in order for businesses to survive the social media revolution, they must focus on human insight and engagement, rather than simply being present online. Through this knowledge, companies can take raw and valuable feedback from the public for product development.

Whilst the content is extremely insightful, I do believe the factor that made The Social Media Manifesto so compelling, is the author himself. With just five years agency experience at the time of publication, Jed Hallam has wasted no time in becoming an expert in the field, with industry knowledge and wisdom that challenges even the most respected public relations practitioners. His fresh approach to digital communication is what sets him apart from other marketing authors, teaching me invaluable tools, rather than ‘advice’ which is typically second nature to any Millennial student.

Due to the fast paced nature of all things digital, you may be thinking The Social Media Manifesto is terribly out of date, before you have even picked it up. But don’t let the publication year fool you, for Hallam’s words of wisdom has since become top of every industry heavyweights recommended reading list.

Currently en-route to the library for Hallam’s next offering, Connecting with Customers.


Word count: 464


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