PR and SEO: A match made in heaven


Technology in todays world excites and scares me all at the same time. I mean our jobs could all be replaced by computers one day, but then again we now have the ability to order whatever food we like, from whatever restaurant and have it delivered to our door within half an hour. And however much I would love to write a blog post on the beauty that is Deliveroo, I want to discuss search engine optimisation (SEO), and more importantly, how PR can influence SEO.

So you may be wondering to yourself what is SEO, and is it exciting or scary? Well, it is a collection of clever techniques that Google uses in order to work out what pages are worth showing in your search index. And with PR revolving around the importance on great quality content, and Google prioritising these attributes in coverage on sites, their digital paths were inevitably going to cross, leading to an easy collaboration with a forever developing future.

Here are my top tips to help you master SEO strategies and techniques:


I feel like a lot of PR students, myself included, tend to avoid the readings regarding algorithms and SEO because of all the confusing technological jargon. Until it is pushed back to the furthest point of your brain that it becomes almost foreign to you. Well stop, because this search sophistication is only going to get harder to understand and more important for the future. If books don’t do it for you, try this YouTube video.


Google’s introduction of their algorithm’s, Panda and Penguin, meant that keyword stuffing turned into a big no-no, forcing professionals to up their A-game in creating content that’s great and will reach the masses. It’s hard work, not to mention expensive, but needed. And if its not for you then hire a professional.


Twitter, Instagram and Facebook play an extremely important role in boosting organic earned search rankings. Of course this does not mean links from respected publications should be overlooked, but this is a much simpler strategy which allows yourself to build relationships with your followers.


Nothing will entice your readers more than content focused on surrounding seasonal events. I mean, how can you possibly ignore a post entitled ’10 gifts to get yourself this Christmas’ in the lead up to the big day? Make sure the calendar is relevant to you or your company though as you can’t exactly create a Veganuary series when you’re doing the PR for a steakhouse. You would think this would be a given, but you’d be surprised!


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