6th January 2017, the day the UK broke its annual air pollution limit. A pretty abysmal effort considering this comes 3 days earlier than last year, which is why Greenpeace have stepped up to call for #cleanairnow, with a little help from Mary Poppins. The childhood super-nanny made her descent over the Houses of Parliament earlier this week, donning an air pollution mask to cut through the toxic fumes, as part of the organisation’s stunt to urge the government to end the sale of new diesel cars.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-06-at-11-20-16source: greenpeace

Now you would think the alarming statistics of climate change would be enough of a wake up call for Westminster to keep to their word, but evidently not. Despite growing concerns of the impact diesel fumes have on our health, as well as car companies cheating emissions test, the government so far have done nothing to tackle this massive issue. And whether or not they will, we’ll have to see, but I definitely believe that Greenpeace’s efforts are certainly a reminder to politicians that their inactions are costing lives.

Confused about the significance of Mary Poppins though? In 1956, the Clean Air Act was implemented by the then Government in order to respond to the health crisis cause by air pollution from coal. When the heroin graced our screens in the 60’s, the smog had begun to clear and Mary Poppins was able to float freely through the clear skies. So now she is back to try and break our current Government’s failure to act before it is too late.

The campaign has made it evidently clear that it is time to stop the sale of new diesel cars, and ensure there are cleaner transport options available to everyone. Over 100,00 people are calling for the government to start taking serious action – and you can get behind the cause too by signing Greenpeace’s petition here.


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